The Barre Workout

It was back in 2009 that I discovered The Barre Workout. I was sitting on my sofa still very raw having been spat out the other side of 5 years of hell.

I was physically, mentally and spiritually bereft and was starting on my road to recovery. I needed to make some major lifestyle changes in every aspect of my life.

I was reading Living North magazine and happened upon an advert for The Barre, it looked exactly what I needed. I needed a healthy past time and a new circle of friends.
I’d done Ballet growing up and throughout my teens and I’d actually lost sight of how good it made me feel to lose myself in the music and to express myself through dance.



I understood that The Barre wasn’t Ballet in the dancing sense but they use the core movements of it coupled with Pilates and resistance training to sculpt and define your body shape.

I didn’t need to lose weight but I was unhealthy and bloated; tone and definition were certainly what was needed!

So off I went and It was the best thing I ever did.  Not only did The Barre give me a safe place to go, it gave me back my confidence, my strength, flexibility, my smile, my laugh, the twinkle in my eye and most of all respect for my body.

The best thing about The Barre Workout is the endorphin rush you get afterwards coupled with the sense of achievement having gotten through it!

You work each muscle group using small intense movements to a fast burn then you stretch out immediately afterwards which is very satisfying!

There are many different types of classes:

Barre Classes which are an hour long and are progressive over 3 levels (1st, 2nd and 3rd Barre)

Power Classes which are 45 minutes long where you can choose from either BRX to work your core and Barrdio for more of a cardio blast. Then there’s Beautcamp of which I have no words! It’s a tough one, that tests your endurance.

Express Classes are half an hour and are focused on a particular area such as Abs, Bums or general fexibility.

They also hold regular events and workshops throughout the year, keeping things fresh and fun

Barre-a-thon 2015 in aid of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

They also offer 1:1s which allow for a more personal and bespoke session just you and your instructor.

Over the past month I’ve been having two per week with the lovely Clare. I can already see a difference in my body shape, strength and endurance. Clare knows when to go easy on me and understands my limitations, especially when I’m particularly fatigued but is also not afraid to shout “Get your feet back in those straps Ridders and stop faffing about!”

Me laughing at my own jokes probably



All the instructors are amazing and really know their stuff, the atmosphere in the studio is electric and the all the clients are really friendly and supportive.

I’ve met some lovely people, made some great friends and also made friends with myself again.









Check it out:

The Barre Workout Ltd. 56 The Close
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RJ
0191 340 8834



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