The Sisterhood

“Women are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other and to be a sacred community”

I believe in the heart of every woman beats a longing to sit alongside her fellow sisters of this world, to be open and honest, to connect on a deep level and share her vulnerability, her joys, fears and her dreams.

In times gone past, femininity was sacred and magical even; the creative power of the woman was in harmony with nature and celebrated.

For thousands of years the dominant paradigm in our world has been masculine. This has caused suppression and wounding of the feminine force in both men and women.

Even with all the advances of todays world women are still secondary, in decision making, in influence and in their access to power. Which is strange really considering women have so much creative power, to generate new life, to heal communities, create peace and so much more.

Whilst the thought of ‘sisterhood’ is rising and becoming a more powerful healing force, many women like myself are still healing their own wounds.


I have experienced first hand, splintered and wounded femininity and more devastating the rupture of the primal bond between mother and child; in both directions.


My journey with my sisters of the world and the sheer thought of ‘sisterhood’ has not been easy. How can someone who is wounded, mistrusting and with such a splintered experience of the core feminine wholeness of motherhood come to the realisation that sisterhood is what could save and support her?

It took me 35 years to realise, to trust and to initiate strong bonds and relationships. I needed to heal my heart, work on my crippling low self-esteem and start to love and forgive myself again. I needed to heal the pain I was carrying and close the massive disconnect I had between who I  thought I was and who I truly was.

“Helping one another is part of the religion of sisterhood.” Louisa May Alcott

Sisterhood certainly doesn’t come easy, as with any type of relationship. Some women masquerade as helpers but have underhand and/or selfish motives for doing so, some are ruled by jealousy and some are simply victims of their own conditioning.

We cannot become disheartened, we just need to trust our instincts, learn from mistakes and know that we attract our tribe, the right sisters for us.

I am in love with the book ‘Women Who Run With The Wolvesby Clarissa Pinkola Estespexels-photo-9

I’ve always sensed I had a wild woman inside me, a strong instinctual, fierce and spiritual side that was bursting to break free and be recognised.

The magic of sisterhood does this by filling our deep yearning for authenticity, deep connection and the expression of our inner wildness.

The Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle has said that we have something called a ‘pain body’. The pain body is a reservoir of accumulated pain, a field of negative energy. It can be dormant or active. He suggests that it is more active just before a woman’s period; when it’s active it can take you over and feed on pain which could explain certain behaviours during that time of the month. A woman is also more psychic during this time so it is said to concentrate on asking for inspiration and guidance.

The interesting thing is that I have observed a pattern of physical and emotional behaviour in myself just before, during and after the full moon over the past year. For example, my cycles are in sync with the full moon and any emotional crisis or relapses have occurred in the 2-week window beforehand. Every time.


Coincidence or not, I am now very mindful that as I start to approach this time I need to stay present to emotions that intensify and yes, they are all associated with painful experiences from the past.  I must see it now as an opportunity to dissolve such pain and heal from those past traumas. This is easier said than done I must admit!

Sisterhood is not an exclusive or anti-men group or movement. It is a way of being. It should be a celebration of all that is glorious and potently feminine. It is a movement of kindness. It should encompass all women, and men too no matter the shape, nationality or beliefs. There should be no elite or division. Simply an acceptance of all colours, shapes and sizes.


“For our world to heal, each woman needs to rediscover herself, find her light and shine it out into the world. We need to guide each other home and now is the time.”



Reviving the Ancient Sisterhood By Azriel ReShel
Women who run with the wolves By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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