Wellbeing Wednesday – Focus On: Elderberry

Elderberries. Not something you hear a lot about or see much in stores. I had an elderberry tree in my back garden for 15 years and didn’t even realise what it was!

Elderberries were once known as the complete medicine chest, as all parts of the plant can be used medicinally.

The fruit and flowers, which are most commonly consumed today have fantastic immunity boosting and diuretic effects. The raw berries can be consumed but are an acquired taste, however cooking them does make it more palatable!

The Elderberry gets its rich dark colour from antioxidant flavonoids that help prevent damage to your body’s cells.



Strengthening Immunity: 

The flowers are a traditional remedy for relieving lung congestion. They promote sweating and can cool a fever. They are also anti-inflammatory.

Syrup made from the berries is a well-proven way to boost immunity at any time, but especially in winter against colds and flu.


The fruits are known to have a mild diuretic and laxative action. *Please take care when taking them.

Elderberry Flowers:

They can be used to make anything from a lightly sparkling elderflower ‘champagne’ to a useful gargle for sore throats. Chemicals in the flowers may also reduce swelling in mucous membranes in the sinuses.


Here are some of my favourite products that contain Elderberry and work wonders coming up to the cold & flu season;


Neal’s Yard Organic Elderberry Syrup

Absolutely delicious, enjoy drizzled over porridge or cereal, added to water or fruit juice, the choice is all yours.

  • ✓ Antioxidant
  • ✓ Rich in Vitamin C
  • ✓ Rich in Flavonoids
  • ✓ Safe for children
  • ✓ Free from preservatives
  • ✓ Non GM

Buy Here!




Neal’s Yard Organic Elderberry & Propolis Throat Spray

A naturally soothing and delicious herbal blend

Made using a traditional recipe of organic honey, elderberries and propolis, our soothing throat spray helps to support the immune system and is full of natural goodness.

Naturally protective, with antiseptic properties, propolis is used by bees to seal and protect their hives. We’ve combined it with antioxidant-rich elderberries and soothing honey – a natural energy booster.

This blend will have you buzzing again in no time!

Buy Here!


Winter Pick-Me-Up Juice Recipe

There’s usually a small window in autumn when wild rosehips, blackberries and blueberries can be harvested at the same time. The high antioxidant levels of these wild berries help to boost your immunity and energy levels, and traditionally considered to be a blood tonic.

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants too and is also an effective aid in the treatment of colds and flu.

blueberry yogurt and berriesServes 2

115g (4oz) rosehips, halved and deseeded

115g (4oz) blacberries

115g (4oz) blueberries

115g (4oz) raspberries

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp Elderberry Syrup (above)

Coconut water to dilute

Put all ingredients except the coconut water in a blender and blitz until smooth. Top up with the coconut water to achieve the desired consistency.



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