Essential Oils: Jasmine

I love Jasmine. I love it’s delicate and pretty flowers, it’s warm, heady yet floral scent and versatility.

It is a native of north-west India and has been highly valued for it’s scent for thousands of years and was known as the ‘king of perfumes’.

As an essential oil it is uplifting and relaxing plus it has a number of therapeutic properties which I’ll outline below.

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Therapeutic Properties

Jasmine is the most uplifting of the essential oils. It’s main effect is on emotions where it promotes a state of relaxed awareness; wearing Jasmine helps to increase self-confidence and can also be an antidepressant.

The relaxing yet uplifting properties of Jasmine suggests its use as one of the classic aphrodisiac oils too and can help aid in sexual dysfunction.

More noteworthy and I can vouch for this, is that it is most suitable when going through a period of trauma or grief. It is also appropriate if you’ve become trapped by prolonged feelings of sadness.

The use of Jasmine can help encourage an acceptance of all the experiences of life and promote enjoyment and relaxation.



I have drank Jasmine tea for as long as I can remember.

My father would take me to the local Chinese Supermarket and we’d by the loose leaf variety.



Twinings also do a gorgeous Velvet Jasmine along with the regular Jasmine Green Tea, click the logo at the bottom of the page to have a peruse.


For a pure, organic Absolute Jasmine Oil, you cannot beat Neal’s Yard Remedies

You can use it in a burner, diffuser for the home or even in your car if the traffic gets too hideous!

Find out more here:  Aromatherapy & Diffusers


Source/Ref: Neal’s Yard Essential Oils – Susan Curtis


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