Essential Oils – Bergamot

I didn’t know a lot about Bergamot until a few years ago when I started to crave it. Strange, I know and I wasn’t pregnant!

My day-to-day tea changed to Early Grey, the essential oil was in my burner; I just couldn’t get enough of it!


The Bergamot orange is similar to the bitter orange. Production of the essential oil started in Italy in the early eighteenth century and since then has become one of the most important perfume materials,

Therapeutic Properties

Bergamot is a cooling and refreshing oil but it’s main action is on the nervous system where it can act like a tonic. It is invigorating without being over-stimulating.

It’s also useful for tension headaches and can be used during times of stress, if you’re feeling irritable or overwrought.

Due to it’s cooling, antiseptic and healing  properties, Bergamot is traditionally used for the treatment of mouth ulcers, cold sores, acne and even cystitis.

Psychological\Holistic Profile

Bergamot is an appropriate oil if you’re a determined and goal-orientated person. It is cooling and refreshing for the cross, critical person who suffers from digestive and skin issues and whose nerves are edgy and raw.

If you want to know more about Bergamot or other essential oils and how you can incorporate them into your life then check out these books from Neal’s Yard:



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