Yoga Therapies – Newcastle

As you all are probably aware I have entered into a love affair with Yoga this past few months and it has honestly saved my sanity on many an occasion!

I first attended Yoga Therapies a few years ago at an aerial yoga session but due to my exercise regime focussed elsewhere it was a while before I returned unfortunately.

However I’m a firm believer in life giving you what you need when you need it and Yoga came into my life again through during what can only be described as the year from hell.

Needing to heal, become connected to myself, my spirituality and the desperate need to do some form of exercise, I headed down to Yoga Therapies. It’s only round the corner from me too so very handy indeed.

My instinct told me to opt for something calming so Yin was perfect for me; it is, in essence ‘restorative’ and that was exactly what I needed.

Hossein who is more Yin and Emma who is more Yang alternatively take the Yin & Yang Yoga class on a Wednesday lunchtime and Yago takes the class on a Tuesday and Friday.

Yago draws from a diverse array of yoga styles to create a unique and vivacious presentation of yoga that follows the cycles of the year and of nature. He also incorporates Reiki principles and mindfulness which makes it very unique!

There’s something for everyone at Yoga Therapies from Chair Based Yoga to Ashtanga, Vinyasa to Warm Yoga and the studio space has such a calming and safe feel to it.

You can also indulge in some Massage and Complimentary Therapies including Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Body Massge, Shamanic Illuminations & Healings and many more!

For £45 per month you can become a Premium Member which means you can attend any of the regular classes and meditations as you like, you receive discounts on workshops, events and treatments plus a free gift every month!

Want to try it out before you commit? No problem! You can get 30 Days of Yoga for £30!

Chris and the team at Yoga Therapies have welcomed me into their world of calm and healing during this very difficult time in my life and for that, I’ll be forever grateful xoxo








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