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Today’s world is probably the most connected, switched on and fast it has ever been. Where the glorification of busy is the norm, coming in early and leaving late is expected of you as well as running a household and for some of us, children too.

How do we keep up? What do we do to keep ourselves running at a pace which is expected of us? Energy drinks, coffee or high-energy supplements?

How do you then relax in what little time you have to yourself? A couple of glasses of wine, a bottle? Sleeping tablets or other sedative substances?

In this workshop we will investigate some all to common coping strategies today’s workers are having to adopt in order to cope with life, not just work.

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Would you be able to spot someone who has crossed that line from casual drinking to dependancy?

Substance misuse in all it’s forms will be discussed, and the affect it has on the employee both personally and professionally.


This workshop hopes to raise awareness of stress, anxiety and the rise of unhealthy coping strategies adopted by many in today’s world

alcohol-party-glass-tableAnna will share some real-life experiences both personally and professionally.

She will share with you the tools she has adopted to help her get through the day. Tools that are now being adopted by top executives to improve personal performance.



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